A double amputee is pushing himself nearly 800 miles in his wheel chair. Vincent Robinson is traveling from Atlanta to Chicago to bring awareness to violence. He is stopping to speak to everyone who is willing to listen and help.

Vincent Robinson was involved in gang violence at an early age. That violence eventually put him in a wheel chair, now he is spreading the word to prevent others from suffering.

He has been on the road for over two weeks. He's pushing 720 miles from Atlanta to Chicago to stop the violence. “Gang violence, gun violence, street violence, domestic violence. All types. I want to bring awareness to that,” said the anti-violence activist Vincent Robinson.

Each day Vincent and his Uncle Freddie hit the streets. His uncle drives behind him, while Vincent pushes for eight hours and over 20 miles. “Every complete turn my wheel makes it is for the life or a life that has been affected by violence.”

He is hoping his journey will pull communities together, uniting one another and embracing the love he says is inside us all. “Whatever violence is out there, everything with the police, everything with our teenagers, our adults. That would end slowly and surely.”

His original plan was to push 50 miles a day so he would arrive in Chicago in two weeks. But it will take a little longer. Everywhere he goes people want to stop and chat, but that doesn't bother him at all. “It is unlike something I have never experienced before. I honestly thought I would have trouble on the road. But I have met so many nice people through all the counties and cities I have rolled through.”

His days are long and tiring. But to Vincent, it's a mission that matters. He said if his message changes one person, it is all worth it. So he continues his push, to stop the violence. “I don't see color, I don't see religion, I don't see sex preferences. I feel like we are all God's children and that makes us all siblings. We must treat each other as such.”

Vincent is expecting reach Chicago by mid to late November. He hopes to return to Chattanooga and partner with local churches to share his story.

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