Many Americans have their own personal opinions when it comes to being vaccinated against the flu.

Some of which are not exactly accurate.  

Just under half of all Americans got the flu vaccine last year and some doctors say common --myths-- about the vaccine may be one reason why many choose --not-- to get a flu shot.

One of the most common ones:  "You can catch the flu from the vaccine"

Scientists say -- absolutely false!

"It will never give you the flu, it doesn't work that way. You can get muscle aches and a little bit of fever after the flu shot but that just means it's working, that doesn't mean it's giving you the flu," Dr. Daniel McGee, Pediatrician, Helen Devos Children's Hospital.

If you do get sick after a shot, doctors say it's likely a different virus, not true influenza. Another myth: "I've already had the flu, i don't need the shot this year."

"The flu virus mutates every year so it's not the same virus circulating in the community this year that was there last year.  So you need a new shot every year in order to get protection," Dr. Daniel McGee, Pediatrician, Helen Devos Children's Hospital.

Last but not least: "My child is too young to get the flu shot".

"We recommend that everyone over the age of 6 months get a flu shot this year and every year," Tom Frieden, Director, Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Last year's vaccine proved to be about 50 percent effective. although flu is unpredictable. The CDC is hopeful this year's vaccine is a good match for the upcoming flu season.

This year the CDC is recommending against using the Flumist saying the spray has not shown to be effective in protecting people from the flu virus.