While more than a million people are being asked to evacuate from the hurricane zone, hundreds of Red Cross volunteers are heading straight into the eye of the storm.    

Hurricane Matthew continues to spin along the Southeast coast bringing a swath of flooding, damaging winds and power outages.

It’s forced thousands to evacuate their homes and left others stuck in the elements.

That’s why some 600 Red Cross volunteers from around the country are already on the ground providing relief in the region.

"Volunteers are essential in a situation like this because it takes a great many people be able to take care of a great many people that is having an issue or a disaster,” Jamie Lewis with the American Red Cross of Southeast Tennessee said.

The Red Cross reports about 27,000 people are in shelters riding out the storm.

60 of the volunteers are from Tennessee, seven are from the greater Chattanooga region.

For many it's a call they knew they had to answer.

Friday, Silas and Linda Booker filled out paper work and packed their car, the couple from Rhea County is heading to Atlanta to get their assignments and could provide relief for about two weeks.

"We have the time, and we just want to do our part, you help people in need,” Silas said.

Volunteers will help make sure people evacuate safely, help at shelters, and anything else they can do to help those facing a devastating time.

"We just felt like if we can alleviate and help them reconstruct their lives, it would be a good thing to do,” Silas added.

More volunteers could be heading to the Southeast soon, but it all depends on the needs of the people and on the overall damage caused by the storm.

Four more Red Cross volunteers from the greater Chattanooga area they are expected leave next week.

The Red Cross said they are always looking for volunteers if you would like to find out more information or how you can help visit their website: American Red Cross.