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Local NAACP chapter urging voter registration

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With about a month before the November election, the local Chattanooga NAACP chapter is urging all residents in Hamilton County to register to vote, in particular those in minority communities.

"It’s imperative that everybody, everybody especially in these depressed communities get out and register to vote and vote,” Dr. Elenora Woods, Chattanooga NAACP President said.

Tennessee’s NAACP has identified Chattanooga as an area of "great need" when it comes to voter turnout from people of color.

In Hamilton County, less than 10 percent of minorities voted in the last election, it's why Dr. Woods said it's imperative that everyone's voice is heard.

"We’re in the single digits in most of our depressed communities we're looking at single digit low seven or eight percent turn out and in some places one to two percent voter turnout,” Dr. Woods said.

Dr. Woods said it's crucial to check your voter registration card to make sure you are eligible to vote, if you're not sure she says it's okay to re-register.

College freshman William Greene registered to vote Thursday. And will now be heard this November.

"Every decision we make right now could change how this nation ends up being down the road,” Greene said.

The NAACP is going to door-to-door, to churches, neighborhood associations, and college campuses hoping to improve voter turnout.

"We must vote now like there's no tomorrow you must vote like our lives and the lives of our children depend on it because it does,” said Chattanooga NAACP Secretary Eric Atkins.

The final day to register to vote in Tennessee is October 11th, and you can register to vote at several locations in each county.

To find out where your district is visit Tennessee’s Secretary of State website.

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