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City of Chattanooga launches new business tool during StartUp Week

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The City of Chattanooga announced the launch of, a web-based tool where entrepreneurs and startups can efficiently and conveniently start or expand a business by accessing and completing specific licenses, permits, and requirements online. The same services and requests that have been made in person will be available at the website, reducing physical trips to City Hall that take time away from operating a successful business.

The new site,, which is powered by OpenCounter, helps applicants who are about to embark on complex projects, like starting a new business or a renovation, by guiding them through the permits, fees, and licenses they will need to complete the project. To ensure the most accurate data is being accessed, the online tool is informed by the City’s zoning and land use permits as well as building and business license rules.

By moving this process online, the City will be able to provide instant and specific feedback to entrepreneurs around the clock and provide a new level of insight into economic trends in the community. The site sends info instantly to relevant City departments and helps applicants who may have limited experience in permitting and licensing to access nearly everything they need to make their new business venture successful.

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Visit to experience the new business development site, and watch how it works in this video clip at

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