Kammy Chitwood says she thought she felt a small bump in her breast, she started to feel lethargic, and noticed bruises that wouldn't heal. But with no family history and not yet 30, doctors told her it was nothing, and said she should just monitor the situation.

Kammy Chitwood says " You know your body better than anyone else and if you feel something is not right you go to whoever you talk to whoever and demand treatment until you figure out what it is."

That's exactly what Kammy did. She followed her gut and demanded a biopsy.

Kammy Chitwood says "He says Ms. Chitwood I regret to inform you, but this is definitely cancer, it has come back positive."

As a young single mother with 3 children, her worst fears were confirmed. She was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

Kammy Chitwood says to me that was my first thought, I need to do whatever I have to do to get through this."

That meant turning to her faith and immediately starting treatment which included chemotherapy and radiation. Kammy also received a lumpectomy.

Kammy finally received the news she had been waiting to hear. she was in remission, but just last year, 10 years later her life was once again turned upside down.

The cancer had returned. This time Kammy decided to have a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery.

Something Dr. Mark Brzezienski says is becoming a lot more common.

Dr. Mark Brzezienski says "The reconstructive methods that we have, have really transformed mastectomy and reconstructive surgery."

Kammy Chitwood says "The results for me I feel so much more confident, just as beautiful if not more beautiful."

As thousands of women get ready to lace up their shoes and run or walk for a cure, Kammy knows that each step truly does make a difference. She reminds women to always listen to your body, be your own advocate, and know that there is hope.

Kammy Chitwood says We've got so many things to be thankful for, be a sister, a mother a daughter, a best friend."