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Mother and baby left stranded at grocery store; baby supplies and car stolen

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A Rossville mother and her newborn were left stranded at a grocery store after she said someone stole her car. Nicole Lacey is begging the person who stole her 2002 green Honda Accord from Food City to return it.

The car was taken from the store off Mission Ridge Road in Rossville. She said it’s more than the car; it's what was inside it that has her upset. “You left me and my son stranded in a parking lot! A parking lot!” said Nicole Lacey.

Nicole Lacey said she shops at the Food City all the time but never expected something like this to happen to her. It's not uncommon for her  to stop at the grocery store after work. She and her three month old son were leaving Food City when, “I was walking through the lot and I thought did I park where I thought I did? I needed a buggy for him, and then I was like, oh my goodness. My car was stolen.”

The mother said she wasn't in the store for longer than 15 minutes, she believes she dropped her keys getting out of the car. “I work full time and take care of him. I paid for my car. I worked really hard, I paid in cash, how are you going to take it from me?”

But it’s more than the car Nicole is missing it's the things she left inside she wants back the most. “His dad’s, all his clothes are in my car. His diaper bag, I just bought him a brand new bobby. It’s all in my car.”

Including items the new mother, wanted to keep for her son when he is older. “Everything is replaceable, some of those clothes they mean something to him. His first little pair of blue jeans, his first nighty.”

She hoped security cameras would catch the person responsible. “I am out of range, only thing you see are my tail lights driving off.”

If you have any information about where the car may be you are asked to contact the Walker County Sheriff's Office at (706) 638-1909. 

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