A local woman contacted Channel 3 after seeing how a Chattanooga Police officer responded to a disabled man in distress over the weekend. 
Unlike many recent images that have gone viral, this was a good deed caught on camera.

Saturday was just an ordinary day on the job for officer Bryan Moody, he's been patrolling Chattanooga streets for 9 years. 

" I got out," said Officer Bryan Moody. "I found this gentleman in his wheelchair and he said I'm stuck, I need help"

Without hesitation, he picked the man up and then put him back into his wheelchair. It took a few minutes to get him all strapped in but Moody didn't mind.

"He said a few times it's an embarrassing situation for him so I was able to just you know share an embarrassing story about myself," said Officer Moody. 

The act of kindness was caught on camera, Shealisha Beasley snapped 3 photos on her cell phone. 

"You can tell it was more from his heart then my job," said Beasley. "He didn't just leave, he stood there and started to have a brief conversation with the man and it just made you feel good, especially with all that's going on in this world today." 

Beasley says seeing the police officer's actions, when no one else is looking, changed her view of the men and women in blue.

"I put it on Facebook and I bet it won't go viral, because it's not brutality, it's not hands up don't shoot, it's actually a policeman doing something good for a black man and it wasn't a color thing," said Beasley. 

She shared the pictures with Channel 3, to say thank you to all the officers who make a difference each day.

"Thank you for being there,  thank you for being a great citizen and a great police officer," said Beasley.  

Officer Moody didn't ask for this recognition, he just wants you to know that he and other officers wear the uniform to help others. 
"You know, this is what we do every day, and the guys I work with, I can speak for them as well," said Officer Moody. "We're out here doing things in the community that a lot of people don't see. Community Policing, that's what we want to do with this department. We want to engage with the community and build those relationships and build friendships so it's not police versus citizens, we are all one big community."