Billed as the largest mall in United States, the Mall of America is taking a bold stand for the upcoming Christmas season and be closed for Thanksgiving Day.

For several years now, the famed Black Friday shopping binge has crept backwards into Thanksgiving Day.

Granted, it may be a day when most of us could use a walk instead of another plate of leftovers, but a growing number of retailers are reconsidering the day as valuable family time before the onslaught of one the busiest shopping days of the year.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that the mall, including Nickelodeon Universe and movie theaters, will be closed on Thanksgiving Day for the first time. 

The more than 520 stores have the option to open on the holiday, but mall executives expect most will be closed.

Most of the 1,200 people who directly work for the mall, and some 13,000 other workers for the stores will get Thanksgiving off if all the stores follow the mall's lead.

But at 5:00am on Black Friday, it's time for shopping as a contact sport.