Startup Week Chattanooga kicked off this week. The event follows months of extensive planning and dozens of event submissions from local startup supporters.

It showcases Chattanooga’s growing startup scene and showcases local innovation. "Chattanooga Cycleboats," is one of the newest start ups in the Scenic City. It started as an idea owner Nate Wilson said became a reality thanks to start up week last year and the connections he made.

"If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. That’s not true in Chattanooga, you need both. If you want to go fast together if you want to go far go together,” Wilson said.

That’s the purpose of the five day event, now its third year in Chattanooga.

"Really to have the opportunity all these people together in one place is really what spirals people out of control and takes their business to the next level,” said Megan Shinn with Startup Week Chattanooga.
This year start up week has grown dramatically organizers said they estimate nearly 500 people will participate in events throughout the week.

From professional development to technical training the events are geared toward supporting innovators in our city.

"There’s no reason why any group of people anywhere shouldn't be able to start a business in Chattanooga because the resources are there and everybody wants to help and you couldn't pick a better place,” Wilson said.

Wilson’s cycleboat business is proof that startups can thrive in Chattanooga.

Most Startup Week events are free and open to the public.

For more information visit Chattanooga Startup Week online.