(NBC News) - Mike Pence and Tim Kaine debate for an hour and a half in Virginia. "I can't wait," said Governor Mike Pence, (R) Vice Presidential Nominee. 

Republican Mike Pence - already in Virginia - giving a hint what he'll focus on tonight: "Hillary Clinton's record on foreign affairs alone could take up the whole 90 minutes," said Pence. 

Democrat Tim Kaine is off the campaign trail... Presumably getting ready for his one and only debate. 

At times, both have disagreed with their running mates. 

Tonight, Pence may find himself on defense: "I knew how to use the tax code to rebuild my company when others didn't have a clue," said Donald Trump, (R) Presidential Nominee. 

The New York Times report on Donald Trump's 1995 tax return has him explaining why he took such a big loss -- nearly a billion dollars in one year - qualifying for nearly two decades of zero taxes. "What kind of genius loses a billion dollars in the first place?" said Hillary Clinton, (D) Presidential Nominee.

Trump hasn't confirmed or denied whether avoided paying taxes. His supporters don't seem to care: "Any good business man should never pay taxes," said Trump Supporter Mike Nelson.

"Zero taxes means zero for our vets, zero for our military, zero for pell grants to send young people to college, zero for health, zero for education," said Hillary Clinton, (D) Presidential Nominee.

Clinton is in Pennsylvania today... With Bill Clinton... Michelle Obama... Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren all out campaigning for her. 

Trump is in Arizona today, and he's expected to get the Ohio Police Union's endorsement.