A man was killed while attempting to cross Highway 153 on Sunday night.

Chattanooga police say that 25-year-old Eduardo Evaristo Perez was trying to cross Highway 153, when he was struck by a 2015 Suzuki Boulevard motorcycle traveling northbound near the Amnicola Interchange. Police were able to locate the suspect, Anthony B. Gamble. Gamble, 22, who has been charged with Leaving the Scene of an Accident involving a Fatality and Failure to Render Aid or Provide Information to Police.

Police believe at least one other driver was involved, but Gamble is the only suspect identified and was not listed at fault.

"Not necessarily a fault of his for hitting the party," said Sgt. Justin Kilgore, of the CPD traffic unit. "Definitely the fault falls back onto the deceased party, because he was walking in the middle of Highway 153."

There has been two other fatalities around the area in the past. One occurred about four miles away on DuPont Parkway back in September.

Early investigation from that incident stated the area where Perez was hit was not lit well, which leaves many questioning whether lighting played a role in Sunday's crash as well.

"It's 55 miles per hour, is he gonna see him during the daylight? More than likely. Are you gonna see somebody at dark with lights? I don't know. It could wash the person out so you can't say specifically if there was a light there it would've lit him up," Kilgore said. "The funny thing about that area though is it's very well traveled by police officers coming and going from work so we can't say that police officers not being in the area is causing the problems."

"If you're out there looking for somebody right now that went missing last night please contact the police department, specifically the traffic unit so we could potentially figure out exactly who the victim is," Kilgore said.

Gamble's court date is set for November 9th.