Season 9 Winner of NBC's 'The Voice,' Jordan Smith returned to the campus of Lee University Friday morning to speak to students. 

"I almost cried. I was so happy and then he sang Halo and I was in shock. There are no other words to describe it," Lee University Freshman Lauren Thompson said. 

Thompson was one of dozens of students who came out to hear the advice of the former classmate turned celebrity. 

"I think that living now is way too difficult already for us to try and shield ourselves and be afraid and feel like we have to censor what we say and what we do because we don't know how people will perceive it because we are Christians," Smith said. 

It's been a busy nine months since winning Season 9 of 'The Voice.' Smith has released and re-released his first album, completed a coast to coast tour and married the love of his life and whenever his schedule allows, Smith returns to the places that helped shape him into the person he is today. 

"He's really good at coming to school and giving honor to school and I really appreciate that," Lee University Freshman Danielle Shumaker said. 

"I came out here at 6:50 in the morning because I thought there was going to be a huge line and I really wanted to understand who he was. It was like a big deal for me," Lee University Freshman Jessica Lee added. 

Many of these students weren't here when Smith was enrolled in classes just one year ago but when you speak to them, Smith's voice still echoes throughout campus. 

"Even though he didn't get 'The Voice' at first, he tried again and it's an encouragement for things in my life," Lee University Freshman Charity Jones said. 

Smith says he will be releasing a Christmas album in a couple of weeks.