A Chattanooga man facing charges in connection to a crash that killed a motorcyclist will appear before a Hamilton County judge for the first time Friday. 

Police say Henry Cofrancesco, 33, was drunk when he left Images Nightclub on Lee Highway and caused the crash that killed Bob Benedict, 60, in May. 

Benedict's wife, Lisa, sat in her home surrounded by pictures as she reminisced of better times. 

"I think it was the first night we had her, I just couldn't seem to comfort her and he put her on his chest and she fell asleep and he just cried. That's always been my first really touching moment with the two of them," Lisa said. 

Nearly all of her memories include her husband, Bob, of 29 years and daughter, Reagan. 

"We watched her graduate, which I'm so glad he got to see," she added. 

But a day that started as a celebration for the Benedict's would end in heartache after Bob was killed in a crash hours after watching his daughter graduate high school. 

"Reagan was going to a senior party and he wanted to find out where the party was going to be because he was very protective of her so he rode his bike out to find the house to make sure he felt okay about her being there," Lisa said. 

Reagan would never make it to that party. 

After Bob's life was cut short on Lee Highway when police say Cofrancesco left Images Nightclub and hit him. 

Lisa takes comfort in the strangers that stopped to help that day.

"When my phone rang and it was his name that came across, I said, 'Well finally!' But it wasn't him. He just said, 'Your husband's been in a bad motorcycle wreck," Lisa said. 

From the nameless person who broke her the news to the people who prayed over her husband has he took his last breath. 

"That was comforting to me, that he wasn't alone," she added. 

Now Lisa's focus shifts to justice. 

"Hopefully something positive and something good can come out of something so tragic and so sad," he said. 

And the memories that will always surround her. 

"He was my best friend and my soul mate." 

Cofrancesco is out on bond. He will appear in court Friday morning. 

Benedicts says she will be there. 

This is a story we're following very closely, we'll be sure to pass along any updates.