Construction in the East Brainerd road widening project is ramping up. Crews finished relocating utilities and began constructing the new road.

TDOT spokeswoman Jennifer Flynn said, the $23 million dollar project could be up to six months behind schedule.

"Until now we've just been relocating utilities. So I’m pleased to report that all of the utilities have been relocated in the portion of East Brainerd Road, from Graysville Road to Morris Hill Road,” Flynn said.

Monday, contractors finished paving the north side of the road, from Kinsey Drive to Morris Lane, shifting both directions over to begin widening the road.

It's progress drivers like Michael Brown have been waiting for.

"Before it was a little frustrating. I know they were doing some things underground like piping and electricity and what not, but you just didn't see a lot going on until the last few weeks,” Brown said.

The widening project was slated to be finished in June of 2017.

TDOT tells Channel 3, that date has been pushed back five months because utility companies took longer than expected to relocate.

“The contractor does believe he can make up some time, now that we are in the actual road construction portion of the project,” Flynn said.

There are no fines or incentives for contractors for meeting milestones or deadlines on the project, but they do have to apply for extensions according to Flynn.

Now that utility work is done TDOT says drivers can expect a lot more activity in the area.

"People just need to be aware that there will be a lot of work going on because that part of the road will be widen out to five lanes and also there will be curb and gutter, bike lanes and sidewalks constructed,” Flynn added.

TDOT said to date construction is nearly 30% complete.