A Halloween display is turning heads in Cleveland. Three lifelike figurines are hanging from a tree in someone's front yard. The sight is making some people contact police.

The Morrison Family spent the weekend working on their Halloween display, and didn't think twice it would upset people passing by.

It's not the first time they went all out for the holiday but is it the first time the police were contacted. “We do this every year. So anybody from around here knows that corner house is going to decorate for Halloween,” said the homeowner Dorothy Morrison. But some said this year they took it too far, when they hung three figures from a tree. “My daughter saw this on the internet and wanted to add it to hers, not thinking it would upset anybody.”

The display also features a grave yard, clowns, and baby dolls. Neighbors seem to have no problem with it.  “No, it is Halloween. No meaning at all, no disgrace to nobody,” said Gary Stevens who lives a few houses down.

Cleveland Police said the family isn't breaking any laws and has the right to freedom of expression. “She has the right to hang and put and display anything she wants on her property,” said Evie West with the Cleveland Police Department.

And while the decorations may serve their purpose to scare Officer West encourages people to remember neighborhood children. “Things that are distasteful, we should consider young eyes and little eyes and minds, and what they should think.”

The family, who has school age children themselves said it wasn't meant to be anything controversial.  “Anybody can see this is Halloween, but if it is offensive to anybody. I want it changed,” said Morrison.

They're trying to make the celebration fun but plans to do something so no one else's holiday is ruined. “If I could do something to take away things that we’re offending, I would do that. I wouldn't want to hurt anybody's feelings or offend them in any way.”

The family plans to add more decorations to their display in the next few days.