By now, most everyone is familiar with the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, home of Netflix's smash hit "Stranger Things."

But what most might not know is that Hawkins is actually made up of locations around Georgia. Parts of Atlanta, Fayetteville, Conyers, Douglasville and Butts County can all be seen throughout the show's eight-episodes. 

  • Scenes featuring Hawkins Lab and the hospital were filmed at Emory University, right off of Briarcliff Road. 
  • Downtown Hawkins was actually the City of Jackson.
  • The quarry scenes were filmed at Bellwood Quarry. 
  • The wood scenes were filmed at the Georgia International Horse Park. 
  • The high and middle school scenes took place at Patrick Henry High School in Stockbridge. 
  • Hooper's home was filmed in Old Ben Hill. 
  • Other wood scenes, pond scenes and train track scenes were filmed at Stone Mountain Park