Good Tuesday.  The rain was torrential at times yesterday with most folks getting .5" to 1".  However, there were some isolated areas that saw up to 4" of rain through the day.  The front has now moved to the east, but it will stall just east of the area.  That will do several things.  It will allow cooler and drier air to filter in to the area this afternoon.  It will also provide scattered showers for us just south and east.  I can't completely rule out one or two of those showers drifting back into the area around the Blue Ridge Mountains this afternoon.

We managed to hit 90 for the high yesterday before the rains came.  Today we will only get to 82, and the humidity will be much lower with mostly sunny skies over the city.

Tonight will be amazing.  We will fall through the 70s during the evening hours, and overnight we will fall to about 56.  Wednesday will still be comfortable with the high reaching 82.  Low pressure to our north will spin in some clouds, but no rain Wednesday.

That same low will bring in another nice shot of cool air Thursday, knocking high temps into the low 70s.  We will be on the southern end of that low, and we will also get some clouds as a result.  There is a slight chance for a shower also, but the biggest impact will be the cooler air.  Thursday night we will drop into the upper 40s and low 50s as we head into Friday morning.

Friday will be cloudy and cool with a high of 74.  Over the weekend we will have nice weather but begin to warm back up.  Saturday we reach 79, and Sunday 82.  Lows will be in the mid 50s both days.

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  • 8am... Mostly Cloudy, 66
  • Noon... Partly Cloudy, 72
  • 5pm... Mostly Sunny, 82