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Wilcox Boulevard Tunnel Neighborhood Association holds first job fair

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The Wilcox Boulevard Tunnel Neighborhood Association held its first job fair Monday and hundreds attended. 

The association formed earlier this year to improve the economy near the tunnel. This comes after businesses lost profits while the tunnel closed for maintenance months ago. 

"I am so excited, we've had some of the best businesses here," said organizer Tia Taylor- Clark. "This is our very first career fair we've had in this neighborhood." 

The fair saw more than 200 applicants looking for work. Many of residents said they're desperate for work and desperate for a chance. 

" We can't do nothing but keep our heads up, keep pushing and keep striving for excellence," said applicant  Auguintus Craw.  

Making this fair different, participating companies were felon friendly meaning they are willing to hire a candidate with a criminal past 

"A job man is everything, that's how you eat, that's how you live, that's how I buy my clothes and that's how I buy stuff," said Fortson. 

Keyshan Fortson has been unemployed for a year. He told Channel 3, he and others are excited to see what new opportunities are ahead. 

"That gives me way more hope, filling out these applications," said Fortson. " It makes me want to do more applications, because they are hiring people like that." 

The Wilcox Boulevard Neighborhood Association plans to host more events in the future.

Stay with WRCBtv.com for future job fair dates from the neighborhood association.

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