Two shootings and two stabbings happened Sunday afternoon in Chattanooga,some of them are related.

First at about 12:15 p.m., a woman, Shaday Millener,25, showed up to CHI Memorial Hospital after she had been shot in the leg. She told police it happened at a home on Dodson Avenue.She's expected to be okay.

Then, about half an hour later two people show up to the hospital with stab wounds. One juvenile stabbing victim is in critical condition --- the other is an adult victim and his injuries are not as serious. They told police they were stabbed at an apartment complex on Citico Avenue. When police got there they found another man who had been shot.

"It appears that this is an ongoing neighborhood dispute between two neighbors and that's what led to today's incident," said Chattanooga Police spokesman, Victor Miller. 

Police are questioning a person of interest related to the stabbings and shootings on Citico Ave. They believe the Dodson Avenue shooting is a separate incident --and  not related.