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McMinn County High students react to nearby shootings

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The Thursday September 22nd shootings happened near McMinn County High School, resulting in fear and concern for the safety of students and staff.  
The school day started with a vigil, and expressions of concern for the victims.

On the day after a workplace shooting that terrorized a nearby school community, McMinn County High students remember and reflect.

Biology teacher Cameron Brewster played guitar at the event, and credited students for organizing and leading the vigil.    

In a tight-knit small town, word travels quickly.  Many McMinn High students know someone who was affected by the shootings, losing a friend, neighbor, or family member.  Superintendent Mickey Blevins knows his staff cannot shield students from real world tragedy, especially one so close to home.

Less than a half day after the shootings, most had gotten word of what happened a short walk away from the school.  Blevins credited staff members for restoring calm, reassuring students their school was a safe haven.

Despite everyone's best efforts, these are memories that won't soon fade. 

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