On top of being the starting quarterback for Ridgeland Football, as well as a pitcher for Panthers Baseball, senior Ivy Boehm is starting his own team.

After getting the idea from a team block party last spring, Ivy started the program "Fun Fun Fun Ridgeland Baseball" that collects used equipment for kids who can't afford to buy new gear. At the end of the year, Ivy and his teammates will then host a baseball camp that will redistribute the donations, and hopefully impact a young athlete's career. 

"Hopefully they will play the sports and it will change their life" says the senior. "Maybe they will end up really good athletes and have the chance to go to college playing that sport and that can change their life completely."

"He really is a good example to our other players of how you're supposed to act and how you're supposed to do things and how we want you to do things" says Head Coach Wesley Tankersley. "He's just a leader throughout our community and we're really proud of him."

With Ridgeland football four games in and the baseball season quickly approaching, Ivy will have his hands full the rest of the year. But he knows all to well that the reward of giving a kid the chance to be a part of some greater is priceless. 

"I think it will mean the world to them, getting to play a sport that you love, but you can't because you don't have the money to get equipment for it. I think it will be great for them. 

Ivy and the Panthers Baseball team will hold their camp December 29th and will accept donations up until then. They are hoping for gear and equipment for all sports, not just football and baseball.

Besides Ridgeland High Cchool, Ivy placed donation boxes at the following schools: Chattanooga Middle School, Rossville Middle School, Chattanooga Valley Elementary School, Rossville Elementary School, Cherokee Ridge Elementary School, and Stonecreek Elementary School.