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Law enforcement ramps up security for Chattanooga Ironman

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The Chattanooga Ironman has become one of the area’s largest events of the year; it's why enforcement and first responders from all over the region are working together.

Thousands of people are expected to line the course throughout the Tennessee Valley on Sunday to watch some of the top athletes compete in Chattanooga’s Ironman. 

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Thursday, local and federal law enforcement agencies filled the Emergency Operation Center to put the final touches on security plans for the race.

"We have planned adequately for proactively and response for anything that could occur," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Austin Garrett.
In light of the recent attacks in the Northeast and the Boston Marathon bombings, officers are on high alert and using all resources to protect public safety.

"Expect to see us, expect to interact with us, and expect us to protect you,” Sgt. Garrett said.

Officers could not comment on specific measures they're taking, but could confirm there are cameras around the course, and police presence along the route.

"We'll have officers staffing each of the venues, the swim start, and the transition areas down in Georgia,” Sgt. Garrett added.

Ironman organizers said they estimate each athlete will bring between two to four family members or friends with them, meaning big crowds around the Valley.

While most athletes are focusing on the race ahead, some athletes like Robert Roberts say their safety is something they think about.

"I can't see that it doesn't linger in my mind it is a thought occasionally but you can't worry about it,” Roberts said.

CPD said the Ironman organization gave the City of Chattanooga a 98% approval rating last year and attributes some of that to the security measures in place.

With the large attendance, law enforcement stressed the importance that if you see something to say something to authorities.

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