CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Undefeated pro boxer and Chattanooga native Ryan "Blue Chip" Martin likes to say no body is capable of hitting harder than life.

Whether that's fair or not, Martin knows one thing remains the same; whatever life hits you with, you can always hit back by making smart choices. That's the message the "Blue Chip" was preaching on Wednesday in the 423.

"It was emotional surreal moment when i won, i know it's a small step for bigger things," Martin explaining his first pro boxing belt which he recently won at The Forum in Los Angeles. Martin was proudly shouldering his that belt inside his Alma Mater Central High School.

At 16-0 and in possession of the WBC Americas Lightweight Championship there are bigger things to come. 

Which means bigger stages for Ryan to share his message, "I'm not doing my work to get rewards. I'm doing my work so I can put myself in a position to impact others. I love to do that."

He's done exactly that at every stop he made during this visit home from where he trains and lives in Cleveland, Ohio. First while being honored at City Council. Next accepting an award from County Commissioners and then back at Central.

His main point is choices, no matter what you're dealing with, there are right and wrong choices and he's tired of seeing the latter.

Martin said while speaking to Central athletes, "I had a little brother here, went to Brainerd High School. I get a phone call at 2AM saying little Kevin is shot and dead. Two weeks ago, another friend of mine Jasmine Hines shot in the head. I love this city, to my heart, when I'm fighting I carry this city on my back. I always see the bad things. They either dead, in jail or up to no good."

Martin poured his heart out to those siting in the same gymnasium he sat in just a few years ago. Living proof that there are better choices to make.\

"No matter what's in your path, problems at home, problems at school. If you focus, got determination, you can get through whatever, become whatever you wanna be, that's how I came up," said Martin.