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Crime Stoppers: Theft from vehicles in Lookout Valley

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Lookout Valley was the scene of a number of vehicle break-ins earlier this month. "Most of the incidents that were seeing," said Chattanooga Police Officer Victor Miller, "ha committed in the middle of the day: 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock in the afternoon."

Thanks to surveillance cameras, we can show you his face. Officer Miller explained, you'll not see the initial crimes, "But, what you'll see is him do his walk-through the stores after he broke into the vehicles and he would use credit cards and had stolen from the vehicles."

Miller says, he was not only pilfering credit cards. "He was, in the middle of the day, watching for people to go inside businesses. And he was breaking in the vehicles and taking tools, jewelry, and credit cards, different types of things that were inside the vehicles," he added.

That brings up another point. "We see in this one that he is stealing tools in the backs of work trucks," Miller said. "So, you may want to make sure your tools are secured and then, if you have a lock box, that you have are locked.

If you know the suspect, you have already recognized him in the photos,and a Crime Stoppers cash reward may be only a phone call away. "It's going to be a white male, he has a hat, a very skinny build, and he's about 5'9". He's got longer stringy- type hair," described Miller. Crime Stoppers as an anonymous program. Any tips that you call in to me will be anonymous. I'll never ask for your name. I'll only provide the tip-information to the investigator and he'll use that information to build a case. And I hope we get that person arrested."

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