A North Georgia family is mourning the loss of a woman and her two children who were killed in a car accident over the weekend.

It happened late Friday night on Georgia Route 20 in Bartow County. Authorities say 25-year-old Daneisha Washington, of Dalton, GA was driving with her three children when their jeep was hit from behind by a pick-up truck.

The woman and two of her three children were killed. Now the family is coming together to be there for the surviving child and remember the ones they lost.

Family member Lakeisha Taylor tells Channel 3, she can't help but smile when describing her angels.

"She was funny, caring, a loving mother, good family member and friend," said Taylor. " she was just a good person to be around. Her smile could brighten up a room, she had the biggest smile, she did." 

Daneisha was a fun, silly mother who always put her kids first. 2-year-old Iyania loved to smile too, she had a big personality. Little brother Octavian was very curious, friends say he loved to cuddle eat and play. 

"They was just all loving full of joy and then the bond that they had with them being so close they were real close," said Taylor. 

Eight-year-old Shamya survived the crash with minor injuries. She  prays each night to her mother sister and brother. She says she knows they are all in a better place. 

"She's telling us it's okay and stop crying, she is very strong," said Taylor. " I feel like right now she's stronger than I am." 

Family members say they don't want this tragedy to happen to anyone else.

"I want to tell anybody, if you drink please don't get behind the wheel. I know that's easy but stay, call a cab and stay where you are at... just do something. Anything can happen," said Taylor. " I'm sure that man you know he don't know them, he wasn't wanting that to happen but things can happen when you choose to do the wrong thing. I would just say drinking and driving... call a cab, call Uber or anything like that so no one else will have to go through what we are going through." 

Loved ones say they are praying for everyone involved including the other driver and his family. They say faith love and forgiveness are carrying them through this difficult time. 

"I think everything is going to be okay. I feel like she's in a better place and you know she has her two babies there with her..... Shamya is strong and I know she is going to live on through Shamya," said Taylor. 
The driver of the pickup truck, 51-year-old Scottie Worfford, told Georgia State Troopers he was unable to stop.
He's charged with three counts of vehicular homicide, DUI, serious injury by vehicle and following too closely.

Funeral arrangements have been made for next Saturday October 1st at Mountain Ridge Baptist Church in Dalton Georgia. The family has set up a Gofund me page to help with funeral and medical costs, you can find the link by clicking here.