Chattanoogans are taking to social media, saying they are frightened by the thought of someone dressed in a clown costume.

Several area businesses rely on clowns, even scary ones to operate. But despite the recent clown craze it is business as usual for costume shops in the area.

It is that time of year again for Beauty and The Beast Costumes in Red Bank. Employees are getting ready for their favorite season Halloween. “Try to have more variety and more unusual things than what you are going to find at the regular chain stores,” said store manager Susan Stringer.

And items you are guaranteed to find, “from small children to triple XL adults, wigs, and make up, clown horns, and happy clown things, and some scary things too.”

Susan Stringer is the manager at the store; she said despite recent social media scares, clown costumes continue to sell. “How many different haunted attractions in Chattanooga are clown themed, and have been clown themed for many years.” Stringer said clowns are right up there with pirates and vampires. They are a classic Halloween staple.

Each year people come into the store searching for the perfect Halloween outfit. The clown look comes in various styles. “They are a lot of fun, either be happy and bright colored clowns, or can be scary Steven King, Penny Wise or even American Horror Story.”

In light of the recent online threats, she said scary clowns, potentially endangering children, are nothing to joke about. “Always watch your kids, not let them go near strangers. It is nothing new.”

She hopes pranksters think twice before dressing as a clown and showing up on someone's property uninvited. “If someone pops out at the park or someplace where they should not be that is stranger danger."

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