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UPDATE: Alabama gas leak affecting local drivers at the pump

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A gas leak in Helena, Alabama is affecting some Tennessee drivers this weekend.

A state of emergency has been declared, after a quarter of a million gallons of gasoline leaked from a pipeline in Helena, to ensure an uninterrupted supply of fuel due to the burst gas pipeline in Alabama.

Though, the incident happened hundreds of miles away, drivers who are visiting or who live in Tennessee are seeing the impact at the pumps.

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"We filled up with gas to come to Chattanooga yesterday. No problem. There were no lines at the pumps, and then today I come here and there's no gas," said Christy Socol, a driver. "To not have gas is pretty devastating."

Socol is a frequent visitor to the Harrison, TN area, and visits the BP gas station at 6239 TN-58 every time she's in town. But, when she when made a stop to fill up her tank as usual, she was surprised to see all of the pumps covered.

"To see one or two you expect that, but to see all of them it's like whoa what's wrong here?," said Socol.

But Socol wasn't the only one who was confused after realizing the pumps were closed. Andrea Pelfrey, who lives nearby, had a similar reaction.

"At first I see these flapping plastic bags and I'm going gosh I'm glad I'm not at zero, but what in the world is going on," said Pelfrey. "That is frightening to me because I do work full time and I do have to get to work."

The pumps at the Mapco Mart across the street from BP, were also closed.

Though, several gas stations like, 58 Mart, remained opened. Owner Kishan Patel said business was normal.

"We got lucky. We got delivery two days ago so we still got the gas, and I guess everybody else waited for the price to come down but it didn't," said Patel.

Though the price for gas was higher than the Mapco Mart and BP, Patel said it's something he doesn't have much control over.

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"We go by whatever the price we get from the supplier," Patel said." Our new delivery is not coming, and when we get it it's going to be at a higher price, so we're just matching the prices."

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Patel said his store is running low on fuel, and because he doesn't know when his suppliers will distribute more gas he may soon be in the same boat as other stores nearby.

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"We may hold it to the weekend we may not. [So what happens then?] We just wait until we get a new delivery and if we don't then I guess we'll be one of them; just like them we don't have gas," Patel said.

TEMA sent out a notice Saturday, assuring Tennessean's there is gas for consumers. They ask that consumers maintain their normal driving and fuel buying habits, and not unnecessarily fill up or top off their tanks when not close to empty or to fill multiple containers at the pumps.

The state of Tennessee has laws against price gouging during a state of emergency.

Click here to report price gouging or file a complaint.

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