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A charity walk with a purpose: Man plays 72 holes of golf in one day

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You often hear about charity walks and fundraisers for local organizations, but probably not one like this.

A Chattanooga man is golfing nearly all day by himself to support families at the Ronald McDonald House of Greater Chattanooga.

In your average game of golf, you play 9 or 18 holes, but one man is aiming for much more.

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Some people might say they would golf all day if they could. Patrick Finnegan decided to give it a try.

“You look at the signs for the greens fees and it says $10 if you walk and I said really all day? I think I want to do that I want to play all day long,” Finnegan said.

His goal is to play 72 holes in one day. He’ll walk the entire nine-hole course by foot eight times.

"This is a different challenge for me. I get to play golf all day which is a good thing but also it shows people this is more of a challenge than just donating to a cause,” Finnegan said.

The Ronald McDonald House organization provides housing and support for families during long stays at local hospitals.

They help people like Kasi Henley and her family. In 2013, Henley’s twin sons were born premature, one of them didn't survive. Her son Bentley remained in the hospital for four months, while Kasi lived in Monteagle.

“I did not want to be that far away from him so this was the biggest blessing I could've ever received,” Henley said.

Over the course of about 10 hours, Finnegan estimates he'll take 400 shots, and walk more than 20 miles.

With each swing and each step, he thinks of the families who are putting in even harder days.

"They are not able to play golf have a nice day and I am so I’m doing it for them that's my motivation as soon as I start getting tired I say you know what they probably have been up all night and are tired too and for a completely different reason and I’m just playing golf,” Finnegan said.

Finnegan started around 7 a.m. Thursday and hopes to finish his challenge in time for dinner.

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