Emergency workers are always on duty, and Chattanooga Fire Department Chief Chris Adams exemplified that after last week's "Battle at Bristol" game.

Adams helped save a woman in an car crash near his hotel in Johnson City after the big game.

"I'm walking around to our room and I see a streak go by and I hear tires squeal and I see a car go airborne and strike a pole that holds traffic lights," Adams said.

He witnessed the crash as a woman struck a traffic signal pole and he rushed in to help. His training kicked in as he opened her airways and stabilized her neck, all while others watched in fear.

"So I'm holding c-spine and thinking this is pretty bad, I know they're trying to call 911, I still don't hear sirens or anything, seems like it's been 30 minutes it's probably been 3 or 4," he said.

Minutes later, Johnson City first responders took over the rescue. 

But because of Adams, the woman is expected to make a full recovery. He said he was surprised he was the only person in the crowd who took action.

"I didn't hear anyone there out of all those people, and you know it was a lot of people," he said, "I don't know anyone that knew first aid or anything out of that whole group."

Adams has been with the CFD for nearly 30 years, and used the incident to say that everyone should take a first aid class and CPR. He wants to encourage the public to get trained in the basics and carry a fire extinguisher in your car.

"You could make a huge difference in saving a life before higher-trained first responders get there, those first few minutes mean the difference between life and death," Adams said.

Chattanooga city council recognized Chief Adams for his life-saving efforts but he doesn't want the praise.

He said it should go to the men and women who save lives everyday.

"I guess there's so many firefighters out here risking their life everyday that a chief that's sitting here at a desk, you know, they need all the credit they do it everyday," Adams said.

The American Red Cross offers first aid, CPR and AED training classes in Chattanooga. To view the dates and times of those training classes click here.