How far do you walk to get water? One mile? What about four?

While that may sound like a silly question, but four miles is the average distance people in some parts of the world have to travel to provide water for their families.

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Some students in Hamilton County hope to change that. Sixth and 9th graders at Signal Mountain Middle High School took the first step to make sure communities abroad can have the same access they do right here at home.

"We're walking four miles so they don't have to so they can now have clean water,” Student Mae Goodgame said.

The Eagles partnered with “Healing Hands” and Walk4Water to set a goal of $6,000 to build a well for a community in Haiti. For the past several weeks, students asked for $16.60 from the community, it’s all that it costs to provide water for ten people for life.

"In the end, everyone deserves to be happy and healthy just because they were born in a country that doesn't have clean water doesn't mean they should live without clean water," Goodgame said.

Sean Judge with “Helping Hands,” said Wednesday students walked four miles and carried five-gallon containers to gain an understanding of the lengths some go to find fresh water.

"They're going to help people they might not even meet in the country of Haiti that they don't even realize who they are but they know they need clean water,” Judge said.

The Eagles are the first school in Hamilton County to take part in Walk4Water. Students raised nearly $7000, that's enough to build one well in Haiti and provide water for more than 1,000 people.

"I think this opens eyes that they can make a difference doesn't have to be worldwide we have so many needs right here in the Chattanooga area. we like to tell people you can make a difference even by doing the little things,” Judge said.

For some, it's hard to believe that a small group of students in Hamilton County can make a difference, but they have no doubt they're impacting lives thousands of miles away.