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Ruby Falls launches $20-million dollar expansion

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An iconic Chattanooga-area tourist attraction, Ruby Falls, will launch a $20-million dollar expansion and upgrade project for the popular destination.

Expected to play out over the next decade, the project will include a new entrance and lobby, as well as other guest-friendly upgrades such as new elevators and observation platforms.

For the first time in over 20 years Ruby Falls will be expanding. Tourists are excited to see the final product.

Beginning in January 2017 Ruby Falls will be getting a face-lift, a multi-phased project called "Roaring into the '20s". “Modernize, and grow our facility to adjust to the crowds we are getting,” said Ruby Falls’ President Hugh Morrow.

Over the next ten years The Falls will get a new entrance and lobby, new elevators and observation platforms, along with a few other projects. “Redo our north parking lot up next to the tower. Create a mall in front of the building for people to rest, relax, enjoy, and create a destination there.”

The goal is to make the visitor's experience more enjoyable. “I think it would be awesome, beautiful place, beautiful view already of Chattanooga. Beautiful city, anything to improve the area over here,” said Chattanooga native Kirsten Studdard.

Tourists hope the new projects will allow for more time at the falls. “We just came in walked around, came back up, and now we are leaving. Been here for two hours total,” said one family from Louisiana.

Ruby Falls’ President Hugh Morrow said the attraction is growing fast. He hopes the upgrades can bring its heritage into its second century. “We worked so hard on creating a great destination. Sweat equity and emotion. We want to create a wonderful reception for people to come to Chattanooga and enjoy our attractions.”

He hopes the Chattanooga community can enjoy The Falls for another 100 years. “It is not the visitor’s privilege to come see us. It is our privilege to welcome them.”

The upgrades will run through the 2020's. Ruby Falls has hosted millions of visitors since its first tour in 1930. 

Ruby Falls' namesake, a 145-foot tall underground waterfall, has been a popular part of the Scenic City's tourism landscape since the attraction opened to the public in 1930.

Located over 1120 feet beneath the surface, Ruby Falls is the nation’s largest and deepest waterfall open to the public, according to the attraction's website.

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