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Walk for a Cure: Teaming up to fight Alzheimer's disease

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Unfortunate circumstances brought two ladies together and lead to an incredible friendship.

Christie Walker says, "We've leaned on each other; she's been there for me, and I've tried to be there for her."

Christie's father and Trisha Mathew's mother were in the same assisted-living facility after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

Walker says, "On days she couldn't be there I tried to care for her mom and on days I couldn't be there she would look after my dad. It's just been a team effort."

Christie lost her father Howard Rogers back in June 2013 and Trisha lost her mother Norma Faye Mahaffey to the disease about a year earlier.

Trisha Mathews says, "You lost them so long ago; the grieving part after you lose them is what I had the most trouble with."

So in the midst of this painful journey and loss, Trisha and Christie decided to join forces in the fight to end Alzheimer's disease.

Mathews says, "She believes in it, too. She believes in finding an end to Alzheimer's. We work good together and we're fighting to end the same thing."

They formed the team "Unforgettable."

Mathews says, "The people we are fighting for and walking for are unforgettable."

Over the past five years, they've raised nearly $38,000 and they aren't slowing down, working and walking to help find a cure.

Mathews says, "You can fight cancer; you can beat cancer; you can't beat Alzheimer's."

But they are hoping that will change in their lifetime.

The 2016 Walk to End Alzheimer's will be on September 17th at the Tennessee River Park off Amnicola Highway. Contact Cindy Lowery for more information at 423-265-3600 or click here to send her an email.

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