One concert-goer apparently got a little too excited to see Kanye West during Monday's performance in Atlanta when he tried to jump onto the suspended stage. 

The rapper was in the middle of performing the song "Power" off his album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" when the fan tried to hoist himself on stage. Another Kanye fan in the crowd, Chase Brown, caught the whole thing on video and posted it to Twitter (warning, audio is LOUD): 

Unsurprisingly, the jumper didn't get too far -- someone in the crowd can be seen grabbing the dangling fan's foot and yanking him back down to the ground. The rapper, who was in Atlanta as part of his Saint Pablo Tour, didn't appear to be too pleased with the interruption but continued with the show.

It's unclear at this time what happened to the fan after the incident, but we're guessing he's probably not going to be seeing another Kanye concert any time soon. 

WXIA contributed to this story.