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What The Tech? App of the Day: Stickk

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If you're having trouble sticking to a goal an app is almost guaranteed to help kick a habit.

Stickk is an app for Android and iOS devices, there's also a website.     

The idea behind it is you're forced to pay real money if you fail. The app asks you to choose an accountability partner, a referee. It could be a friend or foe, a charity or anti­charity. That referee will receive your money if you can't keep up with your resolution or goal.

You choose the amount of money at stake.

So I logged on to try the app and chose the difficult goal (for me) to give up potato chips. I usually will have a serving at lunch and sometimes later in the day as a snack. Bet you can't eat just one right?

At the prompt I pledged to whittle down my chip consumption until I stopped for good. I set my goal as cutting back to 3 servings per week for the first week, 2 servings for the second week and none after that.

My wager or stake was $20 each week. It asked for a credit or debit card number which the site/app said would only be used to pay­off my wager should I fail.

I was also asked to choose a referee. Rather than naming a friend or foe I chose an anti­charity for fun.

Stickk then shows how much money I put at stake overall, in my case $240.

Each week I'd check in with my referee to report whether I completed the task or not.

The Stickk website claims there's over $26,000,000 currently on the line with more than 322,000 commitments created. It also says, based on reports, more than 820,000 workouts were completed and nearly 16,500,000 cigarettes not smoked.

Sounds like a recipe for success doesn't it.

The Stickk app is free and the company claims it the only money other than stakes taken from an account are any transaction fees. 

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