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Neighbor and his friends hailed heroes for rescuing woman from house fire

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A neighbor and his friends are being called heroes for saving a woman from her burning home.

Crews from several different fire departments battled the fire on East Ridge Drive in East Ridge on Saturday.

When they noticed heavy smoke coming from the neighbor's home, they rushed over and heard a woman yelling for help. One thought crossed their minds.

"Just to get her out. Immediately. Get her out. Don't worry about nothing else. Getting her out and away from the smoke," the three men said.

They didn't waste any time.

"Because there's no telling how long she had been laying there already with the smoke in the house," Michael Wilson, one of the rescuers said.

After they called 911, firefighters from several different agencies arrived.

The East Ridge Fire Chief told Channel 3 they do that when it's very hot outside.  

Right now, he isn't sure what sparked the fire, but the neighborhood knows they have heroes among them. 

"We're not heroes or anything like that. We would just expect anybody else to do a good thing. If it happened to anybody else, I would hope somebody would help us too," Nick Davis, another rescuer said.

The woman was by herself in the burning house as windows shattered during the rescue. An ambulance rushed her to a hospital where she's in the ICU.  

"The house can be replaced, but someone's life can't be replaced. That's someone's mother, daughter, grandmother," Wilson said.

The East Ridge Fire Chief said a person living on the other side of the duplex was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. A firefighter was also treated for second degree burns to his face.

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