(WXII) - Winston-Salem police have increased patrols while still investigating a report that a suspicious clown was trying to lure children into the woods on Sunday.

The first call was made just before 8:30 p.m. in the 1200 block of East 29th Street near Claremont Avenue and Piedmont Park. Another sighting was reported around 12:20 a.m. Monday about two miles away in the 1600 block of Hope Lane near Glenn Avenue.

Two children reportedly saw the clown, and one adult reportedly heard but didn't see the clown, police said. 

Police said they learned while investigating the first call that someone dressed in a clown costume was offering children treats in an attempt to lure them into the woods. The apparent clown fled the scene by the time officers arrived, police said.

A search for the apparent clown following the second call also turned up with nothing, and police said the following in a statement early Monday morning:

"Several investigative measures were taken in an attempt to identify and locate the subject. However, all have proven unsuccessful thus far."

Police described the apparent suspicious person as a male clown with a red nose, a white face and red, bushy hair. He was wearing white gloves, white overalls and red shoes, police said.

If you have information that can help investigators, you're asked to call Winston-Salem police at 336-773-7700.

The Winston-Salem report is similar to a case reported two weeks ago in Greenville, S.C. People living in an apartment complex there reported seeing a person dressed as a clown attempting to lure children. No one has been found or taken into custody in that case.

Following an incident Tuesday where a person armed with a machete chased down an apparent clown at an apartment complex on Old Oak Ridge Road, Greensboro police asked people to still report suspicious activity but also remember that it's not illegal to be a clown. The Tuesday incident didn't involve children, and Greensboro police said so-called "copycat" behavior should be discouraged.

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