An argument between a mother and daughter in East Ridge took an ugly turn. The mother is facing several charges including aggravated assault and arson.

Police said the argument happened at a home on Martha Avenue on Tuesday.

At first they thought someone had been stabbed at the home. Officers said the dispute between the mother and her daughter escalated quickly

"It upsets me because it's in this little neighborhood where we're trying to raise our families, mind our own business, and then we have something like this," Donna Edwards, a neighbor said.

Police said before they arrived, 65-year-old Sharon Lawson's daughter tried to close a bedroom door. That's when detectives said Lawson used a knife to slash through the crack and cut her daughter's hand.

The daughter's 8-year-old son was in her bedroom during the ordeal. She told officers she saw her mother grab a shotgun and tell her to get out.  

Channel 3 stopped by the home and learned Lawson's daughter was there. 

"It's a family matter and it shouldn't have gone this far," the daughter said.

The daughter defended her mother and said she hopes her mom gets the help she needs.

Investigators said the two had been fighting off and on and this dispute was about a phone ringing.

Lawson claimed she was the one who was assaulted. Officers also said the 65-year-old grabbed a shirt and a pair of flip flops and lit them on fire, saying she was trying to "smoke them out" so they would leave.

"That's sad. That's sad," Edwards said.

After arresting Lawson, police took a shotgun they said was loaded with multiple shotgun shells. Lawson is expected to appear in court on October 4th.