When I was a kid, I got caught in school listening to a daytime World Series game through a tiny earpiece plugged into a transistor radio. How old am I?

I guess serious sports fans have similar stories. These days, I get caught by my wife, listening to a game at weddings, parties or anything that takes me away from the tv. Maybe you can relate.

No need for transistor radios anymore, (do they even make those?). These days a bluetooth earpiece and a smartphone is all you need, along with an app.

But if you've searched for a radio app to listen to ballgames you may have found far too many bad apps and far too few good ones with gameday audio. Depending on your team, you can find a streaming audio app, but it isn't easy.

I've found the best apps to be ones with the words "Game Day" or "Gameday" in it. These are often the 'official apps' of the school.

IMG College LLC and Sportslabs make the best 'official apps' with a company called "Hopscotch" a close third. These apps have the rights to re­broadcast or stream the official audio, the broadcasts carried by the schools' radio partners.

Sadly though not every school has a great streaming audio app.

Sadly too, the good apps get tossed into the search results of the bad or weak apps. Many companies will toss out free or even paid apps into both app stores that offer little more than schedules and rosters.

One way I've found to weed out the good from the bad is to look for the last time the app was updated. Far too many apps in both app stores have not been updated in years. Apple just announced it will begin deleting apps it's determined to be 'abandoned'.

If you cannot find a good streaming app for your favorite team, you can go to the school's website or broadcast partner from your mobile device and stream it from there. Tune­In also has an app that allows you to listen to streaming audio of sporting events, but there is a $10/month subscription.

I've got my team's 'official Gameday app' all loaded and ready to pair with my bluetooth earbud.

Shhhh. Don't tell my wife, she's trying to pay attention to the ceremony.