It's been a week since the employees at World of Beer in Downtown Chattanooga lost their jobs. Now, those workers are saying they haven't received the money they earned for the last two weeks. 

"I just really want to make sure that everyone can get their pay," Cory Love, a former employee said.

Frustrated and upset, Cory Love and Jenison Owens are wondering if and when they'll receive their final paychecks from World of Beer. The popular Downtown Chattanooga restaurant shut its doors last weekend and gave employees little notice.

"I depend on this income. So I had to automatically think about how I'm going to make money in the next couple of weeks. So, it was so sudden. I felt a lot of things," Jenison Owens, a former employee said.

The 22 year old UTC student told Channel 3 she was a server at the restaurant. She said she's out about $100 from credit card tips and hourly pay.

Owens said the kitchen staff is owed a lot more than that.

Owens claimed employees were supposed to receive their money soon after the restaurant closed.

"We all need this. This is all our livelihoods. I'm not just speaking for myself. I'm trying to represent our whole WOB family here," Owens said.

A sign posted on the front door said all payroll had been processed and anyone with questions could call or email. Former employees said they haven't had much luck reaching someone.

"What frustrates me the most is that I have an entire family of staff members who have children, who have missed car payments, who have missed their rent date," Love said.

Channel 3 called the number posted on the front door of the restaurant, but no one picked up. Text messages and emails also weren't returned.

"People are hurting for this money because it's not being given to them when they earned it fair and square." Love said.

The former employees said if they don't hear from someone soon, they plan on filing a formal complaint with the state's Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

They're also looking into possible legal action.