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Veteran's shadow box returned to family after missing for a year

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Thanks to friends and employees at the Middle Valley Resale Shop in Hixson, a veteran's family reclaimed their grandfather's military shadow box after a year of it missing.

The store's owner, James Clary, found it in an unclaimed storage unit. When he brought it back to his shop, he said his friend, Carlaine Hicks, decided to search for the veteran's family.

"I sent the name to my son-in-law and he came back with Mr. Owensby's children's names," Hicks said. "So I got on Facebook again, hunting them up, and got in contact with them, talked with them and the rest is history."

The shadow box  includes the late veteran's U.S. Army honorable discharge, his picture, a flag, and flowers kept from his funeral.

"I thought it was gone forever, so it's nice, I mean they could've thrown it away. They could've just thrown it out. It's not worth any money to anybody, but to us it's worth you know, priceless," said Joseph Tucker, the late veteran's grandson.

Tucker said several men in his family served in the military, including him, which is why finding what he describes as a priceless heirloom, was so important.

"If we wouldn't have gotten this back, we would've skipped a generation of memorabilia throughout the family," Tucker said. "Just a huge thanks and it's nice to know people care."

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