A Bradley County bus driver has been suspended for an unknown amount of time for using inappropriate language with students. Cellphone video from his bus route shows him yelling at high school students, telling them to stop distracting him while driving.

The school district said in a statement the driver yelled at students for playing inappropriate music aboard the bus.

The video has been viewed on Facebook thousands of times, shared hundreds of times, and is causing controversy among parents. Some are saying the bus driver should be fired for using inappropriate language in front of students, others are saying he's doing his best to keep the students safe.

"I have to drive this bus safely, and when y'all play music, y'all disrespect me, y'all distract me, I can't drive the bus," the bus driver said.

This bus driver is now suspended less than 24 hours after this video was posted online.

"You know what, we get into an accident because you distract me. THAT'S NOT A JOKE," he yelled.

The Bradley County School District said students on the bus were playing inappropriate music.
The driver stopped the bus and yelled at the high schoolers. While doing so, he used two inappropriate words.

"I just want the f***ng music to stop," he said.

Some parents commented on the video saying he should be fired and he should know better.
But others are coming to his defense.

"You should put your kids on the school bus with respect for authority, that they listen, that they know consequences, and they do the right thing," said parent Stacy Bearfield.

Bearfield's children ride bus 54 driven by the now-suspended driver. She said she understands where he was coming from and feels like her children are safe with him driving.

"And he should get to go back to work," she said, "he used two foul words which I'm sorry every highschooler I know knows every one of those words plus some we don't know."

The school district said in a statement the driver's actions in the video do not meet their standards, and he will go through additional bus management training.

As for the students involved in the video, no word on if they will receive any disciplinary action.

The school system has not said how long the driver will be suspended and has not released his name.

The parent who originally posted the video has not yet responded to our messages or requests for additional information.

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