Republican VP Nominee Gov. Mike Pence made a campaign stop in Dalton on Monday, where support for Donald Trump was loud and clear.

"Dalton, we're voting for Trump!" shouted Brian Knowles of Rocky Face. "Trump! Trump! It's all about Trump." 

In front of a crowd of more than 600 people at the Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center, Pence talked about improving healthcare for veterans, like Knowles.

"There are VAs (hospitals) that need help, and he's gonna change that," said Knowles.

"Immigration, jobs, and foreign policy," Dr. Sivarama Meduri of Dalton said of his favorite talking points in Pence's speech.

"We can't have another eight years like the last eight years we've had, and we're ready for a change," said Trump supporter Wendy Harper.

"When I grew up, we always felt we were the strongest country in the world," said Ed Painter. "We think (Trump and Pence) really believe in America."

And believe in North Georgia.

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"We're going to lower the taxes on American businesses in Dalton, Georgia, so we can compete and keep jobs here," Pence told supporters.

Dalton was one of the areas hit hardest during the recession. Its economy has been slow to recover.

"It's been very hard. I've seen friends lose jobs, had people lose their homes, lose pretty much everything," said Perri Brooks-Correll. "I just am real excited for somebody to be able to get into office and maybe make some of those changes that we really need."

"We gotta have Trump," said Knowles. "Trump's got to get to the White House, guys."

This may be just the beginning of candidates coming to our area. Georgia is considered a battleground state this election cycle.