A Hamilton County family of seven can't sleep in their own beds after a tree fell on their east 13th Street home causing some damage on Sunday. The family of seven is wondering when they'll be able to return home.

A large tree now covers Tiffany Brown's back porch. Part of it also hit her home.

The mother of six said she was in the shower when she heard a noise she didn't recognize.

"Then all of a sudden I heard something else say click, click, click, boom. It was the tree, but I ain't know it. I ran out the room and we ran out here cause I ain't know what it was."

Chattanooga firefighters told Channel 3 winds from a severe thunderstorm were strong enough to snap the tree, but that didn't scare Brown's children who say they were curious more than anything.

"It was just a big ole tree right there. Just like boom and our house shook," Emonte Gunn, one of Brown's children said.

Family members said part of that tree fell on a child's bedroom. No one was inside there at the time.

Tarps now cover that part of the house to protect it from anymore damage. While no one was hurt, firefighters say it was serious enough for the family to have to leave.

"Like where we gonna go? What we gonna do because, I mean, we moved here from another state and we don't have any family here, so, it's going to be kind of hard," Brown said.

For now, the family said they'll be staying in a hotel with the help of the local Red Cross chapter. It's unclear how long they'll be away from a place they've called home for the last nine months.

The family said they rent the home and alerted the property owner about what happened. Firefighters also said a city building inspector was called in to take a look at the home's structural integrity.