UPDATE: Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence was in the Tennessee Valley on Tuesday.

Donald Trump's right hand man was in Dalton working to ramp up the campaign trail for himself and the Republican presidential nominee.

Pence has made several campaign stops across Georgia in recent days.

Several polls have shown the Peach State could be up for grabs, even though it hasn't gone blue in several years.

"Not after this trip I got to tell you. We've been in southern Georgia and today here in Dalton. The enthusiasm and the energy and the response that I'm seeing from Donald Trump's optimistic message that we can make America great again," Mike Pence said.

The Indiana governor wasted no time attacking the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton in his speech on Tuesday.

Pence didn't touch too much on Trump's stance on immigration until someone in the audience asked about it in the town hall meeting portion of the event.

He reiterated Trump wants to end illegal immigration in America and referenced building a wall.

Pence mentioned more details about Trump's policy on immigration would be released on Wednesday.

Some issues he did talk about in his speech included the military and the economy.

"We're going to lower the taxes on American businesses in Dalton, Georgia, so we can compete and keep jobs here," Pence said.
Other topics he discussed in the town hall portion of the event included improving healthcare for veterans and fighting voter corruption.

UPDATE: The Donald Trump campaign will make its first official stop in the Tennessee Valley on Tuesday. 

Republican vice presidential nominee, Governor Mike Pence, will hold a town hall meeting at the Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center in Dalton.

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Several polls show the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in Georgia is very close.

Crews were setting up the ballroom at the convention center for 600 people on Monday.

"People are so encouraged. They're so thankful. They've all said 'we are so delighted that they chose Dalton to come to.' so, it's very enthusiastic," Dianne Putnam of the Whitfield County Republican Party.

Putnam said she's helping to organize volunteers for the Indiana governor's visit. The convention center's general manager said they just learned of the visit on Friday.

"It's a lot of work. It is very exciting. It's great for the community. It's great to have a building like we have here with the Dalton convention center to do an event like this," Doug Phipps, General Manager for the Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center.

However, some said Pence's visit is a sign Georgia could be up for grabs.

"Him coming to north Georgia in a state that's reliably deep red tells me that they are worried," Daniel Lovingood of the Whitfield County Democratic Party.

Both Lovingood and Putnam believe immigration could come up on Tuesday. 

Donald Trump has said he would remove the entire undocumented immigrant population, but has suggested he would be open to softening that stance.

While Putnam believes Pence is a good balance to Trump, Lovingood thinks he'll have a hard time convincing Dalton's large Hispanic population.

"I think he will try to explain what Donald Trump would like to do maybe in a way that would be more understanding or more agreeable to most of the people here," Putnam said.

"There's not going to be a sway of those voters. There's no way that's going to happen," Lovingood said.

Doors at the convention center will open on Tuesday at noon. Governor Pence is expected to speak at 3 p.m.

All tickets for the public are free of charge, but only those with tickets will be allowed into the event. 

Pence is also scheduled to attend a high-dollar fundraiser in Atlanta, with general admission tickets starting at $250 and going upwards to $2,700 to attend a reception with Pence.