UPDATE: A mother and her puppies now share a new home together.

The family of six were adopted Saturday by family staff at the McKamey Animal Center describe as lovely and experienced.

"They initially went off with only three of the puppies and I had someone else take home another two of the puppies. When we got the momma we got in contact with the family who had the two puppies and said please bring them back," Greaney said. "Thankfully that lady and her family were more than willing to take momma and all fives puppies. So we're really blessed that she could do that."

Greaney said it was important to keep the dog family together.

"It was what we wanted it the ideal situation for those puppies and the mother because the mother would've become depressed if she hadn't been reunited with her babies," Greaney said.

Greaney also said the puppies and mom will visit the center in a few weeks for a check up and medicine.

PREVIOUS STORY: A mother has been reunited with her puppies after they were abandoned in a sealed container in Hixson earlier in the week.

McKamey says the mother dog was found almost nine miles away in Soddy-Daisy where she walked up to a home looking for water. Mom and babies have all been reunited and are doing well in foster care. Once weaned and spayed or neutered they will be placed for adoption, according to McKamey.

They are still searching for the owner who abandoned the mother and the puppies.

If you have information or a possible tip, please email jmcaloon@mckameyanimalcenter.org

PREVIOUS STORY: A reward is being offered for information leading to the person who abandoned a litter of puppies in Hixson, leaving them to die.

McKamey Animal Center reported five puppies were found inside a sealed plastic blue storage tub that was left near Helena Drive and Highway 153 on Friday.

Officials said that if a passerby never stopped to see what was inside of that storage bin, those puppies wouldn't have survived another hour.

Cuddled together in the same blue bin they were abandoned in, the pups are easy to fall in love with.

That's why it's hard for Grace Maddox and her family to understand why someone would leave them to suffocate on the side of a highway.

"They can drop them off somewhere. It's not really that hard, but instead you just decide to leave them basically to die," Maddox said. "Why would you want to do that to something so cute?"

Maddox's mother, Tori Baldwin brought her kids to McKamey to help after seeing a news story about the puppies. They're taking two of them home, into foster care.

"They are even smaller than I imagined," said Baldwin.

It's a miracle they survived.

Around noon Friday, when it was over 90 degrees outside, a Good Samaritan noticed the blue storage bin sitting off of the highway. The lid was sealed shut.

"Had they not stopped, these animals would not have survived probably much more than an hour," said Jamie McAloon, McKamey Animal Center Executive Director.

When the Samaritan opened the lid, she found five month-old pups with no blankets, no water, and no way to breathe.

"There are two shelters in this small community. There is no reason for animals to ever be abandoned," said McAloon. "That's just unconscionable to leave puppies, in a plastic tub, with the lid on, in this heat. No. We're going to be looking at cruelty charges."

Luckily, they were rescued just in time, and get a second shot with a family who wants them.

McKamey is offering a $300 reward for information that leads to the person responsible. The tip line is (423) 305-6508. Callers can remain anonymous.

McKamey Animal center is offering a $300 reward for information after a litter of puppies were found abandoned on the side of SR-153 near Helena Drive.

The puppies were left in a big blue plastic tub that had been sealed with a lid.

They are unweaned and need their mother, but the team at McKamey is working to help the pups since they will require bottle feeding.

Please call McKamey at 423-305-6508 if you have information or if interested in being a foster parent for these puppies.

The reward is offered for information leading to the person or individuals responsible for dumping the animals.