Volunteers with the North Georgia Red Cross are back in town after helping Baton Rouge flood victims try to piece their lives back together.

People across Louisiana are trying to get back to normal, following flooding that killed 13 and left thousands devastated and without homes.

Channel 3 spoke with a Red Cross volunteer from Dalton, who just returned from Louisiana Wednesday. Carla Kelley shared what it was like helping nearly 200 flood victims in an emergency shelter.

"They would just release their emotions, and just want to talk about the experience they were going through," she explained.

Kelley was assigned to an emergency shelter, north of New Orleans, to help flood victims recover lost prescriptions and medical equipment.   

"The one in particular I was working in was at a recreation center," she said. "I took away a lot of information that you could never learn from a textbook."

Back in the Tennessee Valley, volunteers are learning how they can help from hundreds of miles away.

Red Cross offers virtual deployment for those who can't travel to ground zero. Volunteers in Chattanooga were learning how to help flood victims over the phone and online.

"If you know anything about computers, and you've got a heart that you want to help people in need through disasters, it would be a great time to come and join the American Red Cross," said volunteer Jonathan Hooker.

Whether it's by phone or with boots on the ground, during a disaster, any help goes a long way.

"Just understanding that we could help provide them, one step at a time going forward. That we were going to be there through this entire recovery process, until they were back on their feet. That was so reassuring to all of them," Kelley said.

Volunteers tell us monetary donations are the best way you can help right now.