An old service elevator company will soon be the home of a place that provides service for veterans.

The land at the corner of Peeple's street and East 11th Street in Chattanooga will soon be the “Chattanooga Unite Veterans Resource Center.”

American Elevator relocated in the early 2000’s, JoeDee Hulgan and family members presented the site to the Southeast Tennessee Veterans Coalition Wednesday morning.

The conditions of the donated land are that the site will be for the sole purposes of serving veterans.

Southeast Tennessee Veterans Coalition plans to provide services including transitional housing, on-site counseling, a group room, healthy recreation and therapeutic gardening. 

The Chattanooga Unite Veterans Resource Center concept is to be proactive and treat a veteran on release from active duty so that homeless doesn't occur.

Contractors began the land clearing process and removing debris from the vacant lot.

No specific timeline for construction, but the coalition hopes to have this center built in the next year.