UPDATE: A local former reality star is under fire for a post he made on social media. Ryan Edwards, who appears on the MTV show Teen Mom, took to Instagram to brag about killing cats at his Red Bank home. He posted a photo of a woman holding what appears to be a dead cat, prompting the Humane Educational Society to receive calls from across the county.

Edwards' girlfriend said he was protecting his family by scaring off the strays. But animal protection officers said he should have called them to remove the animals, instead of disposing of them himself.

An Instagram post is causing outrage across the country, and here at the Humane Educational Society. “Animals have been killed and items on the property show bait involved, animals were lured onto the property to be killed,” said the Executive Director of HES Bob Citrullo.

Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards posted a picture of a woman holding a dead cat. A second photo includes the caption, "putting them down with the 'ol air rifle #deadcats."  

“It doesn't matter who you are, if you are causing pain and suffering and killing animals, that is my concern, what I am worried about.”

Edwards' girlfriend said he never killed any animals. “Scared it away, not to kill it. No intent to kill it. Get it out of the picture, out of our house.” She said he was protecting their family. “These cats are wild. There is no trapping, no controlling, will fight till they die.”

HES is investigating the allegations. Officers visited the home last week and discovered four dead cats on the property. “Food, some types of food and containers leads me to believe this was intentional. Definitely a handful of felines that are deceased.”

Edwards' girlfriend denies there being any dead animals on the property and said the food HES referred to was left behind by Edwards' grandfather who lived there prior. “Not responsible for any of that. We’re still in the process of cleaning everything up.  We just moved here.”

She said the photo was a private post meant for the couple, not his 150,000 followers. “Ryan is not a murdering individual, he is not trying to massacre anybody's household pet. That was not the intent of any of this.”

Officers wish they would have handled their cat problem a different way. “We want to help, call us. Don't shoot them and kill them,” said Citrullo.

It's not clear what charges if any Edwards will face. HES is working with the Red Bank Police Department on the case.

Since the post went viral, Edwards has set his account to private. He spoke with Red Bank Police Monday afternoon and said that the picture he posted is from years ago and from a different state.     

PREVIOUS STORY: The Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga has launched an investigation into comments made by Ryan Edwards, former star of the MTV reality show Teen Mom. Edwards posted a disturbing photo of a woman holding a dead cat on Instagram and bragged how he has been "putting them down with the 'ol air rifle #deadcats."

When the former star came under fire he fueled debate by continuing to defend his actions saying, "When they start living under your house and having 100 babies that scratch your car and boat and piss on everything and get into your garbage let me know." "

The Humane Educational Society has received numerous calls from individuals within and outside the area regarding Edwards comments and has launched a full-scale investigation into the former star.  The Humane Educational Society's Animal Protection Officers went to Edwards's Red Bank home on Thursday, August 18th and gathered enough evidence to proceed with the investigation.

The organization is now working with the district attorney to gain a broader search warrant. Charges have yet to be filed, however, if Edwards's comments are found to be true the organization will proceed with an animal cruelty case against the former star.