Nearly 20-thousand people are left without homes and resources in Louisiana after recent flooding. It’s a natural disaster weather experts say is the country's worst since Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and many people in our area are finding ways to help, including the Cleveland Fire Department.        

The checkout lines at the Lowe's off of Paul Huff Parkway were filled with customers wanting to make a difference. A mission that started after store managers got a call about the local fire department's plans to help.

"We wanted to help and we knew that the community wanted to help as well. They just needed a few items and we just took it a little bit further," Store Manager, Shannon Ingram said.

Various items like bug spray, bleach, gloves and tools were purchased, and then put into a trailer for firefighters to take to on the road to Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Monday.

Firefighters say it’s great to see the community come together. They’ve made it a mission to help other in need.

As they prepare to for their trip, Chris Light, an engineer at Cleveland Fire Department, says he doesn't know what to expect.

"We have some local people down there now and they're kinda giving us feedback through email and stuff, but you won’t know until you actually get there,” Light said.

But no matter what happens, he says lending a hand is what makes a difference.

"We're all put on this planet to help each other and it's a good thing to go down there and focus on some people that need some help."

About a dozen Cleveland firefighters are taking the trip and plan to make their way back home Friday.